donderdag 29 maart 2012

The magic of books.

I love to read to Pelle. Until a few weeks ago, we often read simple stories about toddlers, who go into town, or to the barber, or to the supermarket. But recently, we’re moving on to more complex stories about children who are a little older. Jip and Janneke is currently his favorite and although the tales are more than 50 years old, they still appeal to me and Pelle. Jip and Janneke are neighbors and play together all the time. The splash into puddles, pretend to be fireman, tear all the pages from the calendar, hide beads all over the house and do lots of other funny things. The pictures make it even more attractive. So we very often cuddle up on the coach and delve into the books.
And when Pelle goes to bed, Mark takes over. He’s reading another book from the same author which he like very much when he was Pelle’s age, about a gnome called Wiplala. Our worlds expands as we join the characters and live their adventures.

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