dinsdag 23 februari 2010

Life is a coctail.

Last week, I’ve been reading the biography of a famous Dutch woman, called Annie M.G. Schmidt. When you are from the States, of from Ireland, or Denmark, or any other country outside Holland, chances are that you never heard of her. That’s because her work never has been translated very much, being so very, very Dutch.
Annie M.G. was our queen of light verse. She wrote numerous songs, tales, and funny, naughty, rhythmical children prose. But she also is a part of our collective memory because of all the songs she composed for television series and musicals. Mark really likes to listen to her songs, because it brings back so many memories. (And that’s how I learned to appreciate her even more, through Marks enthusiasm).
When she was already in her 70’s she became a great television personality ass well, because she told so many funny stories about her life and sparkled with humor.
Because off her unique voice (and not have been reading her biography then) I assumed that her life would be unique, too. That of a great artist. I was very curious and anxious to watch the television series based of her life, broadcasted in January and February. For 7 weeks, I watched every episode. And was disappointed. The actress portraying her older years, only made her look grumpy and ironic, very one-dimensional. I missed the genuine fun she embodied for me. I really think that was a flaw in the script.
But what’s more, my expectations were not fulfilled. Because her live didn’t sparkle at all. She had her ups and downs, just like everybody else. It was her imagination and her work that fueled her vitality and lust for life, not her own history. And it was mirrored in the series: the scenes about her youth and marriage dragged on to long and were boring, but the fantastic parts, be it dancing people going to church, her library invaded by a German soldier (a story she made up), her songs performed in a circus tent, her deceased husband acting as a censor, 70-years old Annie dancing with the movers, these were fun to watch.
I would love to learn from Annie. Adding fantasy and humor in your life. Making it light and fun. Mixing it all together like a sumptuous cocktail. Annie, santé.

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  1. What an interesting lady....as you say, we could learn a lot from her. What a pity the tv series didn't capture her as you had hoped.