vrijdag 31 december 2010

Wishing you a happy newyear

We're going to toast, tonight and wish you all a merry newyear!

vrijdag 24 december 2010

Stary, Stary Night

This quilt is made by my mom.

Dear readers,

Thank you all so much for reading this blog.
I wish you a very happy Christmas.

Heartfelt greetings,


zaterdag 4 december 2010

Little Zwarte Piet

The first time Pelle is dressed up! He is ready to help Sinterklaas and gave me 'pepernoten'.
I'm so pleased! Doesn't he look adorable (the picture is a bit yellow because it was evening in our kitchen and he doesn't want me to use a flash) and this is a first step for him to take on a role.
Yesterday, when Sinterklaas came to school, I saw him imitating the real professional Zwarte Pieten, dancing and jumping around. Go boy, go!

woensdag 1 december 2010

As Pelle sees it

A weekly picture, made by my boy. (Often without me noticing him doing it).

His aim was to photograph the spider he made at school (that is: the brown paperbody with the round eyes and coloured legs). But you can also see one of the magazines from Dad.