vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Striped T.

I'm busy sewing new T's for Pelle for this fall. This one is the latest. Once again, I used an Ottobre pattern (issue 2014/1, # 26, Railway Stripes, size 140). A  great way to sew up my half-metre fabrics I used to order when my boy was small, but never came round to sewing it all. Now he's 10 years old and wears size 140. The stripes still suit him well.
I ordered the fabric many yeard ago in Germany. The pocket and stripe on the sleeve are made from an old T-shirt and the binding is from the Ottobre shop at Etsy.

The fabric in the back is a different stripe in the same colours.

dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Bo Bendixen recycled.

Long sleeve T I made from a trifted Bo Bendixen T shirt size XS. I added yellow and orange knit from my stach. A pattern from Ottobre (1/2014, the Natty Cut). The fit is spot on.

I kept the original layout, where the bird on the back is upside down.

Original tag. Once made for a woman, now fit for a 10-years old.

woensdag 12 augustus 2015

T shirts

Here are some T's I made for Pelle, the last months. They're all made by the same old Ottobre pattern I use more often (issue 2004/4, # 35), in size 134.

Fabric from Kiwifabrics ordered in Belgium.

Monsterfabric, also from Kiwifabrics.

The monsters at the back are smaller.

The fabric was a panel and not long enough, so I added some pieces at the shoulders.

He's wearing the back to the front :-)

Organic fabric from Nosh.