donderdag 1 maart 2012


Slowly but steadily, there are classmates of Pelle coming over to our house. They want to play with Pelle. How wonderful is that?
I can still remember the first time D. came over, so many years ago. The boys knew each other from Kindergarten and were 3 years old. D.’s mother asked if it was alright if he came to visit us, because she had to go to the hospital. Pelle fled to the attic, that first time. Every now and then D. came to our house, and very gradually the interaction started to grow. Today, D. came again and we went to the woods. We played hide-and-seek and the interaction between the boys was so natural. The funny thing is that I also noticed that they want to compete with each other. Who can ride the fasted, who can outrun the other? On our way home D. was faster, and Pelle really had a meltdown. He was angry, disappointed and cried. All quite natural feelings, I think, and I welcomed them. Pelle’s always allowed to express his feelings and I take them seriously and try to make them clearer for him while giving him comfort. When we had lunch, 10 minutes later, the air was clear again and Pelle could talk about what had happened with some amazement.
D. is not the only classmate who came over recently. There were three girls who played with him and it was wonderful to see how our play in his playroom echoes in the contacts he has with the children. I truly feel how we are building his capacity to play and interact and now he’s ready to use his skills and feel secure in the company of others. It is also very apparent how those girls really like him and how he’s in love with a bright, imaginative, longhaired one who he wants to hug, sit close to and stroke her knees. I see it, and in turn, my heart melts for him.

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  1. Wat heerlijk om Pelle en zijn wereld zo te zien groeien. Helemaal als je daar jullie inspanningen in herkent. Wat eenmooie bevestiging dat jullie op de goede weg zijn.