zondag 24 mei 2009


Last sunday we bought a second-hand bike for Pelle. And to my suprise and great delight he started to ride without any problems. I'm so proud of him.
I so love to bike myself. It gives me such a sense of freedom. Not being encaged in an iron machine, but feeing the wind in your hair, the subtle changes in the road, the cold air in your nose or the sun on your skin. Your own body in motion. Being able to go everywhere with no restraints. Floating along. I love that. So I use my bike every day.
And for Pelle it means he can expand his world. And of course the sheer joy of peddeling along. Go boy, go!

dinsdag 19 mei 2009

Hoping he will love it, some day

One of the things I really love doing, is going for a walk in the woods. And last weekend we found a beautiful track, near Balloo, just 15 km. away. It was raining a bit, but that didn't stop us.
The track was only 1,5 km. long, but so very versatile! Blooming meadows, heather, a fen, pines and juniper-berries, gravehills from the bronze age, it all was there. And now the green colours are overwhelming.

We had a televisionseries some years ago, called "Of beauty and comfort", where famous scientists and philosophers spoke about what gave them consolation. If I have to give an anwser to that, it would involve being outside, walking in nature, feeling the change of seasons and the circle of life. Being a part of it all. Nowing that the earth will excist even if I'm not there anymore. That is an encouraging thought to me.

I often take Pelle to the woods nearby, or on a bikeride along the lake or the fields. Feeling strongly connected to my childhood environment, I sure hope Pelle will learn to love the woods and nature, too.
I guess I have to be patient. Because busses and cars are so much more fun. They move, you see. And you can ride in them, even better. Nothing can conquer that, not even being on daddies shoulders.

zondag 17 mei 2009


Finally, I did some sewing again. The pattern of these shorts is from the latest Ottobre issue.

I really like the way they turned out. Because of the checkers, I had to cut the fabric carefully, but it all came together well.
I enlarged the pockets, because I was not pleased with the size of the pockets of a pant I made earlier (from the summer issue of last year). I left out some fancy details, like beltloops and extra stiches, because I thought these pants don't need them.

I'm definately going to use this pattern again. In the mag the longer version of the pants are combined with a shirt with frogs. And guess what: I bought that fabric a couple of month ago!

What a nice suprise to see it turned into a garment.

Wishing you had a fruitful weekend as well,


maandag 11 mei 2009


Yesterday I got a beautiful present from Pelle. He made this in the toddlersplaygroup. I like it very much. I'll be hanging the tile in the kichen.

It was wrapped in matching paper.

And Mark made a little booklet for me. It is only 5 x 7 cm and has pictures in it from our holiday.

I really love it when he makes me something. Creativity and tenderness combined in something unique.

I love my men!

dinsdag 5 mei 2009

Back again

Isn't the quote from John Lennon? "Life is what happens while you are making other plans".
The plan was: having a relaxing vacation in Gran Canaria, with husband, son and mother. We started off all right, arriving in our appartment and starting to discover the island.
The Columbus museum in Las Palmas was enchanting.

And we also made a lovely trip to the mountains

But then my dear mother stumbled on a wooden decking on the beach and broke her leg and wrist. So I spend the next 2 1/2 weeks visiting her in the hospital while Mark and Pelle had to leave on the original return date. We had to wait, and wait, and wait till everything was arranged for the flight home.

We flew to Spain and England last sunday by a special ambulance plane and finaly arrived in Rotterdam in the evening. From there an ambulance brought us up North. Now she can recover and I am home again.

Mark brough a book along, about Zen and happiness and I tried to apply the Buddhist lessons. Living each day to the fullest and accepting life as it comes your way. And I really think I made the most of the days, in hospital, supporting her, and alone, in the appartment. I took up meditation again and read a wonderfull book "The shadows of the Wind", which deserves a special review later this week.

And I suddenly realised that my dear mum is not immortal. I really grieved when I realised that. Fortunately, she will recover, I'm sure, and we can be together as a small family, for some time. Precious time. I hope we're granted lots of that.