donderdag 1 december 2011

He's in town again!

Coming Monday we celebrate the birthday of Saint Nicolaas and hopefully he will bring some presents to our home.
The Saint already arrived in Holland some weeks ago and of course we were there to watch him step ashore. Pelle placed his shoe by the chimney, with a carrot for the horse of Nicolaas and the following morning the little Black Pete had placed a small present there.
Now we anxiously await his arrival at school on Monday. Last year he came by in his camper and wasn’t even dressed because he overslept! And two years ago he arrived steering a tractor. Who knows what he will do this year? Well, as long as he doesn’t forget us, I’m in for a surprise. (Sshh, I already know that his assistant made a nice bag for the little boy to host his sportswear, but don’t tell anyone).

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  1. We're celebrating here, too. Gwyneth is telling her class about Sinterklaas for part of a cultural heritage month where all the students share things from their families' cultures. We're also making "een letter van banket" because I could only find banket that was in the shape of a stick. When I was little Sinterklaas came to our house.