woensdag 1 april 2009

Life in the village

What I love about reading blogs is the account of daily lives all over the world. I'm interested in womens lives all over the globe. And I really think the internet brings us more together. You can read in the paper about elections in Israel, the different parties involved etc., but it springs to life if someone writes about her own feelings concerning the politics in her land.
As I want this blog to be a mirror of what I want to read myself, I would like to tell you more about living in a village in Holland, once in a while.
After living in the western part of Holland for 11 years I went back to the green surroundings of my childhood. The forests, the pastures, the fields. The space and rest. And a great city nearby.
Our community counts more than 10.000 inhabitants and we very quikly settled down and became a part of it.

Easter is arriving here, too, and today I took some pictures of the windowshop of one of our bakeries. (We have two here).

Isn't this a wonderfull display? I so like the flowers and fabricchicken.
Eating bread is very important, if you life in Holland. Pelle eats 4-6 slices each day, at breakfast and lunch. Or sometimes a krentebol , a bun with raisins. I myself like it with butter and cheese.

And we seem to grow off it. (Dutch people are some of the tallest in the world).

Hoping you had a good lunch too,


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  1. YUMMY! We're three bread lovers over here too. If our local bakery was located at walking distance, my butt would be much bigger.