donderdag 2 april 2009

Going to school

In July, Pelle turns 4. He has to go to school in August, after the summer hollidays. So the past few weeks, we visited a couple of schools in the village (there are 7! here, but we brought it down to 3). And now we have decided. Not the large school in our own street, as we fear that Pelle will drown in there, but a small one across the main street. I love the building, as it has written SCHOOL all over it, and it looks so romantic.
But of course the inside is more important. And the inside spoke to us in caring voices. In a warm atmosphere. We were guided by a 12-years old boy who was not the witty, wellspoken intelectual who is the showcase student. No, this was a shy, vulnarable boy who was given a chanche to learn how to interact with people he didn’t know. He immideately stole my heart.
And this is what I want my school to offer to my child: a chance to encounter difficult situations while concerned. (I later learned the head of the school watched us, briefly, and thought it went well).
Off course I want Pelle to learn to read and write, calculate, to learn the world around him.
But more than that, I want him to learn how to deal with difficulties. Because life is not always easy. And that’s not bad, that’s just the way it is. You can’t always be happy. Pelle will encounter sadness and grief, unhappiness and sorrow. That’s the fullness of life. I hope he will learn how to cope with it. Integrate it into his life and go on, more mature.
And I hope he will learn that even in bad times there’s love around. That there are always people who care. That he will receive and learns to give. That he can offer help when needed. That he learns how to care for others, too. Because that’s what lies in the heart of our humanity.

Learning to live takes a lifetime. I hope Pelle will love to learn, just like me.

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