donderdag 26 maart 2009

T-shirt week, part 3

More inspiration and lovely T's to look at.

turning one shirt

This one is from Janssendesigns. She makes a lot of recycled T's (and more) with bright colours.
I also love the Ooga Booga fabric. Maybe I'm going to buy some in the States. I think this is a perfect way to use it: not the whole T, as that might make it look more like a PJ, but just a little touch.

Helicopter t
Here's another example of a great match of fabrics, I think. This one is from Treehousetogs.

Somehow, I think 3 pieces each time for each post are nice. Not so overwhelming. Getting enough attention to make an imprint in your mind. And then someday, certain images blend together and you create you own piece.

So here's the last one for today.
Recycled T-shirt

This one is from Little Overcoat. She's all into recycling shirts and has 90 ! on her photostream on Flickr.

And now I have to return to my neglected child, who is at this moment demolishing my sewing machine.

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