maandag 23 maart 2009

Oh Africa

Yesterday evening I saw an episode on the BBC of "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency". It's based on a series of books from Alexander McCall Smith and I'd like to share my enthusiasm with you. The books are funny, heart-warming and moving and are set in Botswana. Being overwhelmed with sad images about wars, starvation and other disasters from that continent it was such a relieve to read about normal daily life in a country that is stable and fairly wealthy.

The brave Mma Ramotswe encounters many problems in her agency and solves them in her own specific way. But it's not only the cases she solves, her homely life and that off the others around her is portrait in such warm African colours, you constantly smile. Or shed a tear, sometimes.

Of course the serie is different, because you miss the thoughts of the people. But they have a merit on there own and are certainly funny to watch. So if you want a bright, humurous taste of African life, you should surely tune in to the BBC on sundayevening.

(En een tip voor de Nederlanders: Ik schakel altijd de ondertiteling in, teletextpagina 888, dat maakt het makkelijker te volgen.)

Oh Africa, Africa, Africa. I hope to see more of you, someday.


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