zondag 29 maart 2009

Dreaming of owls and dolphins.

I would like to make Pelle a duvet (if that's how it's called - a sheetcase for his bedblanket), someday, when I have the time. I'm always on the lookout for some nice fabric that will look great for the pachworklike thing I have in mind. So when I saw the lime little owls in the Etsy shop of Mafe Maria I bought them. Thank you, Maria, I really love them!The stripy fabrics are old shirts of Mark. I like to recycle and have a part of Pelle's dad there, too. The dolphins where on sale in Germany and the zoo-animals I bought from Marieke. I'll add more fabrics to the collection, if I'll come across them.
Someday my boy will sleep under them and have beautiful dreams.

Welterusten, Pelle. Je bent het liefste jongetje van de hele wereld!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Pelle is sooo cute, and I'm very honored that my silly owls will cover him one day.

    I'm happy that you liked the fabric... One thing is the photo, and another the actual product in your hands. Also, I love that zoo animal print. It made me think of this other print you may also like.

    Thank you once more for the mention on your blog, Ria... and for the great feedback you left me on etsy :)

  2. hi Ria,
    how wonderful that you have your blog now. you're so much more consistent than me in writing. I enjoyed watching your processes and such large volume of work. and your son is so very sweet! I love the name Pelle. (in Hebrew it means a miracle r a wonder)

  3. Hoi Ria,
    Wat leuk dat je nu een eigen blog hebt, ben benieuwd hoe het eindresultaat wordt met je stoffen.... Ben zelf ook nog steeds van plan om een dekbedovertrek te maken van die leuke zoo stof, maar dat is er tot nu toe helaas nog niet van gekomen.
    Ik kom gauw weer eens kijken! Groetjes Marieke