zondag 22 maart 2009

Blue pants

This weekend I finished a pant for Pelle. It's made from a babyrib corduroy, which I used before. Although I love the brightness of the colours, I'm not entirely satisfied. I used a pattern from the 2008 summerissue of Ottobre (the aqua pants) because I liked the hippieces.
Since they were short and baggy, I lengthened them and also made them slimmer. The fit is good, but I think they're missing something. So next time I'm going to change the pockets by making them larger and probably will add some more. Or maybe add a hammerstrip. I"ll see.
(I'm not satisfied with my pictures, either. Somehow they're not that sharp. Also have to see what I can do about that).
Maybe it looks like I'm whipping up one piece after another, but that's not true. Since I was expirimenting a bit with the pattern and in general I'm not that fast, it took me a few evenings to make this. I'm always amazed by the women who make things like this in a few houres. No, not me. But I'm getting there, stich after stich.
I'm planning a T-shirt week, next week. Showing T-shirts from other women for inspiration.
Have to make the right connextion to Flickr, but already had some help from Mafe Maria for that. So stay tuned after the break.
Wishing you a good sundayevening and some sound sleep,

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