zaterdag 21 maart 2009

Missing you

Lieve Jan,

I still have all your letters.
Isn’t that the phrase? All the letters you wrote to me from Africa. When I read them I feel you’re getting a bit closer.
We were so young in the 80s. I went to college and was all involved in my study. You went away, wouldn’t stay in Holland. You wanted to broaden your horizon, wanted more freedom. I stayed here, of course.
But we had our plans, our dreams. Biking trough America, biking through Afrika. Camping, like we did in France and in Greece.
How I would have loved to see us both grow older, meeting our spouses, sharing our lives and childhood memories. To see you getting balder, but keeping your laugh and every other caracteristic. Being a part of Pelle’s life.
It wasn’t meant to be. Today it’s already 23 years ago when I landed in Africa and a man in a car, whom I never met before said “he already died”. Deep inside I already knew that.
Your motorbike hit another car. You died in the hospital.
Dear brother, I miss you.

For Jan Oddens, born 7-7-1961 deceased 21-3-1986

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