woensdag 25 maart 2009

T-shirt week, part 2.

Originally uploaded by Mafe Maria

This lovely T is made by Mafe Maria. Don't you just love it? It's called Felix.
She used a reverse applique technique. The T-shirt is for sale in her Etsy Shop. She made some other fabulous T-s, too. And some very special hats, so check her out.
Oh, that boy! Is there a new philosopher arising?

Here below is a T from Dieselaluna. That woman sews faster than she breathes. She mostly sews for girls, but made some nice boys wear, too.

Farbenmix Antonia

And finaly, the last T for this post.

encomenda  order

This doggy one is made by Tarapatices.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you for including me Ria!... I'm loving this series. Seeing other people's work is great inspiration to keep the projects coming.

  2. Thanks Ria!! I'm so pleased to be chosen with others great works :)). The dog from this t-shirt it's inpired in the scotty of allsorts (softie scotty - all sorts)

  3. I really like the abstraction of that doggie. So simple, and perfect.

  4. Hi Tarapatices,
    Isn't it funny where we get our inspiration from? I made the pinspinners from All Sorts as a birthdaygift for the children in toddlersclass when Pelle became 3, this summer.

    Hi Maria,
    I will look into the commenting possibilities, soon. Would like it to if everyone could react easy and swiftly. Thanks for reacting.