zondag 8 maart 2009

My first post

Hello everyone,
After years of reading everybody's elses posts and blogs, I want to make own.
Why? Because I want to show my love for sewing for my boy. It all started with frustration about the lack of bright, colourfull clothes for boys, here in Holland. If they excist, they also have ugly prints or are unaffordable. So after years where my sewingmachine and me hardy spoke to each other we're now babbling away every week. I'd like to share the results and also want to be an advocate for sewing for boys. It can give you so much fun and fullfilment (and, I admit, some frustration too, sometimes).

And I'm also planning to write about my daily life in a Dutch village, books and movies, things that inspire me. Sending myself into the world. I hope you enjoy it.
The pants above are green linen. I used a pattern from the fabulous Ottobre magazine and made them for Eastern 2007. Pelle looked so good in them! Now he can't wear them anymore and I sold them on a second-hand clothing fare, last Friday. I was so pleased someone liked them!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Ria - I love the fact that you started blogging, and I'm looking so much forward to following your blog here from Denmark! I love the pants - you are great at making cool boy's wear! So - have fun sewing and blogging - I'll stop by often! :)

  2. Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing all your lovely sewing creations.

  3. Hi Ria, I too love the fact you started blogging and I will visit you often!