vrijdag 20 maart 2009

Early Work

I still have a lot to learn, about Blogger. Like how do I place text in between the photos and how do I change their order? I don't think the Help-area is very helpfull at all! In stead of showing the basics they talk about advanced use of things I don't need.

Well, having this off my chest, onto a lighter note. And a tender and joyfull one.
Because this is how my sewing career for Pelle began. One off the first things I made for him were the green overalls. They're made from a babyrib corduroy. For the pockets and the - how do you call them? strapps? - I used a little piece of fabric I picked up at a furnitureshop years and years ago. The pattern is from a Burda childrens edition.
I also made him a hat to go along. He's wearing that on the first picture, when he was about 5 months old. I carry that picture in my purse so I can look at it often. It still makes my heart smile.

The sweater is an Ottobre pattern. The first of a series I made. Pelle has never worn it though. At that time I didn't know how to attach the cuffs and neckborder properly, so I couldn't pull it over his head. And I didn't like the way the crown came out. I had no other proper fabric to use but a broad corduroy. (Unimaginable now, since I now have so much fabric! )
I keep it as a dear memory. Not only for the sweater itself, but also for the excitement I felt preparing the applique and figuring out how I could do it and buying the right materials, like a set of fabricmarkers and Vliesofix. The yellow on the squid is not painted, but drawn by a permanent marker. I thought that was a smart solution, if I say so myself.
Wishing you I lot of fun with your creations, whatever they are,

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  1. I personally think the sweater is adorable! What a fun story - a true first sewing adventure! :)