vrijdag 27 maart 2009

T-shirt week, last part

This is the last of the series. Here are some blue and brown T's.

4/2008 #26 "Reko" raglan T
From RachelMom. This one is a pattern from Ottobre. She used a mix of new and old fabrics. The sleeves for instance, are from an old T-shirt of her husband.

Bla bla bla

From Anisito. This is how Pelle must feel, most of the time.

T-shirt, front

This one I made myself, last summer. Also made from different fabrics.
I bought the stripy knit when I was pregnant but never used it untill 3 1/2 years later.
The brown knit is from a PJ from my father-in-law. The patch is from the fatquarter shop. Unfortunately I was not so pleased with the slimfit from Farbenmix. It's long but not baggy, and I don't like Pelle to wear a tight fit.
Now the T is to small for him anyway. If you'd like it, let me know in the comment, or e-mail me, then you'll get it for free (you can find my e-mail adress below my profile).
It's a little washed and worn, but if you don't mind that you're more than welcome. I'd rather give it a second change than throw it away in the garbage. It's size 86-92, wearable by a child who's 2 or a skinny 3 years old. You can see the back here.

I wish you a very pleasant weekend. Mine is starting this afternoon with a meeting called Zen and Wine. Interesting huh? Meditate first, get drunk afterwards. Buddah will smile in heaven.


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