dinsdag 23 juni 2009

Zen and the art of sewing

Recently, I read such an interesting article on procrastination (in "Vorm en Leegte") it really helps me to keep going with my challenge. Deadlines work for a lot of people, because they force you to do things you otherwise won't do, or postpone. But the downside is, that deadlines create a lot of stress. There are other ways to handle your longing to put things off, like really facing what keeps you back. It might be that you need help, our more information, or you're not commited to the outcome of your labour.

So I researched my own feeling about my pile of unfinished garments. Mostly, I have a hard time finishing stuff because I like something else even more or I feel that Pelle really needs something warm (or cool, or long, or short, or that perfectly maching T) right now! and I can't afford to go on with sewing a piece which isn't immediately necessary.

And there are other reasons, like things being difficult, technically, or I already feel a slight disappointment coming up. Or I simply don't like what I make, e.g. for Mark, who likes grey, dark colours. And sometimes there's no reason to hold me back but simply a plain lack of wanting to sew.
Now that I am unraveling my motives, I feel more diciplined to go along. Just to go along and focus on reducing my UFO's to one.
The picture presents one of the results of the last week:

My winterskirt, finished but in the bin, because
a. I didn't do a good job at sewing it nicely (there was a lot of gathering and I didn't do that evenly)
b. The pattern doesn't suit me
c. The fabric didn't suit the pattern.
So there's the downside. On the other hand: I'm learning to read the patterns in the magazines, knowing better what suits me (emphasis on my small waist and good legs). And I rediscovered a carton case of old magazines, I forgot I had but now present themselves as true treasures.

There's such a variety of skirts and one shirt I want to try.
But first, ending up all the other garments. I'm starting to like it!

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