donderdag 3 september 2015

Raglan T.

And on it goes, sewing T's for Pelle for this fall.
This is a raglan from organic fabric, which I bough in a boot from Trueolours textiles, in the neigbouring village. The pattern is from Ottobre 6/2013, Autumn Stipes. The fit is slimmer than I'm used to from Ottobre, but as my boy is slender, it still is very wearable.

To spruce it up, I added some pink, elbowpatches and a stripe under the pocket.

A fancy stitch from my Pfaff

The pink stripe is a piece of cotton.

Don't know yet what's coming up next. I do intent to sew garments for myself this season. But those T's are so addictive! We'll see.

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