donderdag 17 november 2011

Dear baker, thank you very much.

Almost two weeks ago, the children of Pelle’s school had breakfast in their classroom. Sponsored by the trade organization of bakers, the children ate krentenbollen (raisinrolls, picture at the end of this post), bread rolls and regular bread with cheese, sprinkles and applesyrup together with a glass of milk and an egg.
It was very cozy in the classrooms and the children ate a lot!
Since our local baker delivered all the bread the children thanked him by making a nice drawing. As I volunteer a lot at school and participated in the organization of the event the small drawings ended up in our home and Mark and I assembled a bunting line. Yesterday I went to the baker with two toddlers from school and we gave him this present. He said he would hang it in the store and invited us to take a look behind the scenes. There we saw one off the employers busy making chocolateletters (a tradition this time of the year) and further along there were the ovens, still warm from the making of eggcakes. As our own house is not that far away we can often smell the scent of bread being baked, very early in the morning. Delicious.

The drawings below are made by children from 4 till 12 years old.

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