maandag 17 augustus 2009

First day in school

This morning Pelle went to school for the first time. He had a few trials before the holidays, but now it’s official. My little guy is away from home each morning and two afternoons (Tuesday and Thursday). I was looking forward to it, because it means I have so much more time to do my own things. But this morning I felt sad. It was so quiet in and around the house. No asking for chocolate when I make coffee, no eating of fruit or going to the bakery, or playing or reading or making puzzles. No, just vacuuming cleaning, sweeping the floor, doing the dishes. Undisturbed. But with no joy.

You often hear people say that children grow up so fast. But it doesn’t feel that way to me.
I don’t think the past four years living with Pelle went by like a blink of the eye. It just feels like four years. Lovely years, which I enjoyed so much and which I will savor. In which we lived in a slow speed, as a family. A speed suited for a little boy. A speed which allowed us to see and feel so much. To let it all sink in. Thanks for that, big little man!

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