vrijdag 13 maart 2009

Plans for the spring

We have a beautifull childrens's book called Little White Fish. It's about a little fish who searches his mother and meets seecreatures. "Is this the mother of little white fish? No, this is the snail. And the snail is yellow". So Pelle learned a lot about the colours.
And now I'm intending to sew 5 different velours sweater for him, each with an applique of one of the creatures. I'm starting with a green shirt, to accompany a pant I sewed in September. I hope that one is still long enough to wear. It's not that thick, so it should be nice for him now the weather is getting warmer.
I hope to show you the results this weekend.

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  1. hoi Ria! WAt leuk dat je ook een blog bent begonnen!! En wat een grootse naaiplannen! ik ben erg benieuwd....lieve groetjes, erna