maandag 12 juli 2010

Learning to play

Today was a special day, because it was the first time I intentionally played with Pelle using the Son-rise principle. I’ve been reading about it a couple of weeks now and think it’s a great way to help Pelle in his development. Entice him to become more agile, mentally. I know he can do that, but he can’t do the gymnastics on his own. We both need to train, in a gym called the playroom. And as it is the beginning of his holidays, and he has no school during 6 weeks, I thought it would be a great way to fill in all the blank spaces of time. But where to begin? And there was another problem. Just as Pelle has his specific behavioral patterns, so has his mom. Because I like to think, and read, and think, and read. But as it comes to action, I’m sometimes stuck, too. Like Pelle, but on a different level. So I called in for help. Today I had my own supporters, who coached me and filmed the both of us. And I really think this is the way to go for me, because it is so close to the way I’ve always been raising Pelle and connecting with him. It’s quite easy for me. But I have to go one step further. I have to show him the child that’s hidden in his mom. The little girl that’s awaiting to play with him, with joy and laughter. Who loves to be funny and cheerful. It’s time to put her on the stage. And I know she will love it. I’ve neglected her far to long. So go, little girl, go. Show your sparks to Pelle. Don’t be afraid. I know he will love them.

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  1. Go Ria, go!... Cheering for that energetic, enthusiastic, and exciting little girl who can't wait to play with Pelle. And here's a message for you that helps me so much since it was told to me during the Son-Rise Start Up: Always remember when you're in the playroom doing Son-Rise, that at the same time with you, thousands of others are doing the same thing all throughout the planet. We're all these beautiful map of beacons of light, dots of fire, and love, all working for our children, all working on ourselves, all creating tiny miracles every day.