woensdag 14 juli 2010

Scenes from the playroom

The playroom is Pelle's bedroom. Not that big, but sufficient.
Yesterday, we played with his mozaiek. Don't you love the pattern he laid out?
My ultimate goal is for Pelle to play with other children. He has never done that. Recently, he wants to go to his classmates, but when he's at their home, he plays with their toys, not with the children themselves. I know he has the potential to do it, and it might even evolve naturally, but I don’t want to wait for it. I’d rather help him, step by step.
The first step, and my goal for this month, is to let him get used to playing in his room. He asked about it this morning. “Why do we do this?” “Are we going to play in the livingroom, aswell?”. I answered that I loved playing with him. Maybe later on, I explain a bit more. For now he seemed satisfied with my answer. Since he was quickly bored this morning, and I don’t want to push him to stay in the room, we went downstairs. Granny came to eat the cake we baked yesterday and we also prepared the swimmingpool.

Until now, we played with his regular toys (marble slide, cars, buildingblocks), but tomorrow I want to try a game. As he loves me to imitate a lion (especially the roaring), I made some cards. He can pick one (yellow side up) and I will do my best to make an impression, so he can guess which animal it is. He can choose another card and I will make another performance as his likes it, on the condition that he does the imitation as well.

As I was making the cards and writing down some other ideas (like playing hide-and-seek), a familiar feeling came over me. It was like preparing my lessons and courses. Once you have your goal, you choose your means. And I always liked to have a few options prepared. So I have the freedom to choose the one that’s most appropriate, in the heat of the moment.
I’m wondering how Pelle will react, tomorrow.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm very interested to hear how Pelle likes his new game(s). I hope you'll post an update! Hope you have lots of fun playing with your son!

  2. Sounds like fun - something we should all do with our children.

    When my son was 3, we had someone come to our home to encourage my son to start speaking. She used a lot of creative games, toys, and stories to help him process words in his mind and get them out of his mouth. He really loved it and it was good for me to see her using play for a purpose.

  3. Ik hoop dat het lukt! het lijkt me in alle geval een superplan! :)