woensdag 7 juli 2010

A little orange.

So yesterday was the semi-finale. And I'm not an excellent partner for Mark, because I didn't watch. But I was in the room, and heard him shouting 'Oooeeh", 'ziekenhuisbal! (a lousy pass), Shoot!, shoot!, and cheering, with each goal, one fist clasping in the other hand. "Ja!!!".
In the meantime, I sewed. Something a little orange. I sewed these shorts just a couple of day ago, in a denim version and envisioned another one for the holidays. I started out with the back in blue and a batik-like cotton. To match the front, I made a border on the pockets and then decided to make a border at the hem, to tie it all in. I finished it of with a string in the waist (made from the blue fabric). By the time I made the string, we were in the final. And maybe, just maybe, I will sew something a little orange again, on Sunday. It might bring luck. And this time I will watch, together with our dearest friends.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Really great shorts and good luck on Sunday!

  2. Like your husband, I was watching the whole game and shouting at the television, too. And because my brother is a fan and had to be in class at the university, I was sending him a text each time a goal was scored or a yellow card was earned. I don't think I could have sewed anything.

    I love these shorts! I always like the bright color combinations that you put together for Pelle, but these just look like sunshine made into something wearable. I hope to perhaps make a shirt for my little boy to wear with his orange shorts on Sunday for the final. I have promised myself that I will find an Oranje team jersey for him if they win.

  3. oh, die is echt super gelukt, je mag voor mijn jongens ook wel eentje maken ipv t-shirt!

  4. Hallo Ria, wat leuk dat je op mijn blog verzeild raakte, dank voor je commentaar! Idd, naaien voor jongens zie je niet zo vaak op 't web (ik vind het zelf ook moeilijker dan voor mijn meiden...), leuk om bij elkaar inspiratie op te doen. Ik vind deze shorts van jou iig al geweldig!