zondag 28 februari 2010

Garment of February

It is funny how this blog works for me. In Dutch we have a saying literary translated says: stick behind the door. I can’t come up with an English equivalent, but I mean this: it forces me to do things I otherwise would postpone or won’t do at all. Because I feel I have to show you things, to keep you interested. There are people in the webspace waiting for new posts. You, dear readers. I want to please you and make a versatile and interesting place, here in the corner of www.
So after the thrill of the skirt that fitted so good, I said to you that I would make a garment for myself each month. The aim: building up a pattern collection for clothes that fit me like a glove. Making simple adjustments each time, for sleeves, or necklines, or extra plaids, or wider legs to keep the fun, but relying on a good sound construction.
And now February comes to a close so I feel obliged to show you the dress I have been working on for this month. It’s from a knit with a flockprint I bought in Utrecht. Each Saturday there’s a great fabric market there with more than 50 stalls. You are in paradise, there. (I sometimes dream of fabrics, really!).

But the dress. I’m not satisfied. The fabric is so good, and the pattern (# 9 from Ottobre 2009/ 5) might be good for me, but something went wrong.
A: the elastic I used is to broad (couldn’t find the one the mag called for and bought this on advise of the shopkeeper. Not a good advise).

So it bulks on the sides and is annoying to wear, because it won’t stay flat.

B. The front is to wide. It makes my waist disappear. I think the elastic is too wide.

Otherwise I’m pleased, with the back and the sleeves (had to cut them in two pieces and slightly widened the lower sleeve).

I hope my sewing teacher will come up with a solution and I can finish it. (I keep the neckline as high as possible, because I think that’s more comfortable) and will make a hem below the knee so it's a bit more sassy.
And the garment of March? That will have to be something easy, because I want to work on my springsuprise swap. But I have to say, I’m very tempted, tempted by the Loveliness dress from the recent Ottobre. I think I found the perfect muslin for it, yesterday. (I’ve been reorganizing my stash).

3 opmerkingen:

  1. How frustrating, I hope you find a solution. For me the waist is very important, because my own waist is long gone! I have to try and make it look like I have a waist!

  2. The overall fit seems good, despite the fitting issues at the waist. I think your assessment of the elastic being too wide is probably right. The fabric is fantastic, though! I've always wanted to go to the fabric market in Utrecht but every time I was in Amsterdam at my aunt's house we seemed to not have any time for it. I had so many plans for shopping there, though.

  3. Hoi Ria,
    Je hebt een rol decotape gewonnen, gefeliciteerd! Wil je je adres en je favourite tape nog even mailen, dan komt deze er zsm aan!
    Groetjes, Marieke