vrijdag 5 februari 2010


So here’s the skirt!

I used pattern nr. 4 from Ottobre nr 5/2007. It was meant as a muslin, but it turned out so good, I can wear it for real. It’s a little bit to wide in the waist, but I can easily correct that the next time I’m going to make one. And I definitely will! I am so very, very pleased something I made for myself turned out so good.
I didn’t do the ribbon on the seam of the hip pieces, as the magazine suggested, since this was a trial, but now I regret that. The ribbon would have given the skirt a bit more dimension.

Sewing it was surprisingly easy. I used a regular zipper in stead of the recommended invisible one, because I just though a regular zipper would be good enough.
Here's the lining.

I did not use any interface. My sewing teacher came up with another idea, namely using a twill band into the inner waist seam to prevent the fabric from stretching to much.

Here’s the overall picture. My face looks a bit funny because I’m talking to my friend, who made the shots. Normally I’m much prettier and wear shoes.

Dear followers and other unknown readers, this skirt is such an good incentive that I decided to make one garment for myself every month, this year. I already have plans for a knit dress.
So that’s my cliffhanger this time. Stay tuned!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Ria, I'm so impressed, it is really beautiful! Lined and everything! You seem to have great patience and it shows in your work.

  2. Goed gelukt!
    En Silke heeft een mooie foto gemaakt!

  3. It's a beautiful skirt and looks like it fits well. I'm glad you decided to bite the bullet and make something for yourself (: