dinsdag 2 februari 2010

Ready, steady, cook

I am a volunteer at a club called Speel-o-theek. We lend toys to parents and grandparents, like a library lends books. I joined it when we moved to the village and it’s been such a grand way to learn a lot of mothers (like Mooimiek ) and become part of a social network.
Recently we bought a new kitchen for kids to play with and I offered to sew an apron and some other accessories.
It was so much fun! Although I saw beautiful examples on Flickr,
I used an Ottobre pattern, because I had that at hand.
I changed the apron a bit, making it a little narrower and longer. The latter wasn’t necessary, I think it’s a little bit too long now. Because the cotton I bough was a bit thin, I decided to make a lining, hence the apron is reversible. I also made the hat (chef's cap?). Next time, I’m going to make the upper part a litter bigger so it will have a bit more volume. There’s still a boy’s apron to make (a long one, from the waist down) combined with a classic white hat, and some oven mittens. But I just couldn’t wait to show you this.

And what’s with the skirt, some ardent followers will wonder.
Yes, almost finished. I had to wait for instructions from my sewingteacher, this morning. In my next post I will show you the stunning result.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great set, isn't it lovely to think so many children will get to enjoy it. Pelle is an excellent model!

  2. This is so cute - all of the children who use it will love it. My daughters have a set from IKEA that I got years ago for my oldest and it is always the necessary garment for playing with the kitchen.

    I'm also looking forward to seeing your finished skirt. We all sew so many things for our children that I think it's good to see when we make something for ourselves.

  3. Heel mooi! Tof ook om gelinkt te worden :-) Ik wou dat wij ook zoiets als een spelotheek in de buurt hadden, dat zouden de kinderen echt geweldig vinden.

  4. Leuk al die kleine kokjes :-)! Heel mooi geworden!