dinsdag 9 februari 2010

Oh boy

Last week, I lend a Burda from the library. Since it is almost Carnaval in Germany (Burda being German) they featured some nice dress-up clothes for children. I loved the mask and decided to make it for a 6-year old boy with a vivid imagination called Bas.
It was done in less than half an hour. I used a small piece of Moda quilting fabric which reminded me a bit of the characters in Venice and a thick interface I brought with me after workshop in bag-making. Sewed an elastic band inbetween and cut out the holes for the eyes, and presto, ready.

I finished it off with 3 fake mustaches, for Bas and his brothers. Browsing through the fabulous Celebrate the Boy photostream on Flickr I was so inspired by a picture of girls showing their fake mustaches I read the post of meisjesmamma (a crafty, inspiring Belgium mum of 2 girls) and following link after link came upon this template.
I bought some thicker felt, used for collars in jackets, cut out the shapes and sewed on a simple elastic string. With this result.

Pelle is modeling in all the pictures, because I don’t want Bas to be on the internet without permission. No mustache for Pelle though, he doesn’t like this weird thing under his nose.

If you have boys, check out the Celebrate the Boy month from Made and Made by Rea (click on the icon on the right ). Tons of inspiration, great tutorials and fun. I so support their initiative. Sewing for the boy, that’s my motto.

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  1. Very nice mask, But I love the moustaches best! I want my husband to grow one!