dinsdag 9 maart 2010

A year of blogging

Yesterday, this blog was one year old.
I started off with the idea to showcase my home sewn clothes for Pelle and to advocate sewing for boys. Because I love my own creations and wanted to show how nice it can be to make something for little men that is not the ordinary, ugly store bought. I hoped someone would share my taste. For colours, for appliqu├ęs, for images that, I think, will appeal to a child far more than the unimaginative clothes that little boys are supposed to wear if it depends on the industry. I wanted to provide some inspiration, by showing stuff made by others, too.
And I also wanted to write about my daily life in this village. Things I would love to read on other blogs. Share my love for the nature around us, for the beauty and happiness encountered everyday, here in this place on earth.
These where my plans, my ‘mission’. But after a year of blogging, I want to revise that.
Because honesty, I’m not very talented as it goes for sewing. I often struggle behind the machine, wanting things to go easier, faster, smoother. And there already are so many inspirational blogs. I don’t think I can add much to that. So I keep showing my stuff, but it would be the mean reason for blogging anymore.

And what about the accounts of the happy daily life? Well, I had a hard time feeling it, this last year. I expressed my worries about Pelle, my struggle with him being different and being labeled (autistic), because I simply had to. Writing it down made it tangible. Sending my grief out in the world, although nobody might read it, helped.
These are the posts that lie very dear to my heart, and I intend to write more from that source.
Telling you what really touches me, sharing my emotional journey.
And where am I now? Traveling the road of acceptance. Because I know that only there lies true happiness, for me. Accepting this lovely boy in everything he is. Seeing his soul shine. If I can do that, if I can open up to everything he brings, I feel a connection that goes beyond language and behavior. Then I experience a joy that, like a glass of soda, bubbles up and makes me feel alive.
So that’s where I stand right now. Feeling happiness returning to me.

I want to thank you so much for reading this blog, making comments, or sending me supportive e-mail. For making a connection. I stay in touch,

Love, Ria

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I think the things you make are just beautiful and look nothing like a struggle behind the sewing machine.
    I love to see!
    Also, I know many people do blogs for different reasons, but I think you should make your blog your own, write and post for you and no-one else. After all, you can't please all the people all the time and it is silly to do something that you don't enjoy.
    I am not a religious type, but I have heard some saying about not being given anything that you can't handle....
    You have a special boy, therefore must be a special person, you just have to find and keep the special :))
    Happy blogaversary :)

  2. Happy first year Ria!

    What you write about your personal life is honest. What you make for Pelle is beautiful and inspires many good ideas for other boys' mommies. When I started writing I was also concerned about what my blog would contribute to the already crowded blog scene. But you know what? It doesn't matter... A blog is for you primarily. And then, for those others that discover it and treasure it as so many I'm seeing around here.

    Keep up the good work on all fronts, and know that you've touched several souls around the world with your unique contribution.

  3. Happy Birthday Oddwise. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I understand that you were sometimes writing for yourself and other times for everyone else. That shows sincerity, that's real life. I know your experience's will help other people. So keep up the good work, I think that we are drawn to people in the blogs like in real life. There are blogs I click on and click off as quickly because of some little comment in the side-bar. So know that the people who read your blog do it because they want to.
    As for your sewing.. I love your creations. I sometimes think that what I make for my son is too childish or too colourful, and yet when I look at your blog I see things I like, which reminds me that what we make them suits them, it's not necessarily what's on trend right now, but it's what we make especially for 'our' boys, not mass produced for thousands of boys.
    So like I say keep up the good work....

  4. Congratulations on the 1 year mark, Ria. I, too, enjoy reading your blog and seeing the wonderful, colorful clothes that you create for Pelle. In a world that often forgets how happy color can make us (I think of all the men and boys who find themselves in khaki pants and blue shirts every day) the things you make your son stand out as testaments to your devotion to him both in color and in design. We all struggle with our sewing at times and I'm pretty sure we all have those moments when we wish the project would go faster so that we could move on to the next one.
    Your sewing for Pelle has inspired me to spend a little less time on sewing for my 2 girls and more on creating things for my little boy. Now I'm looking forward to the time when he moves from the baby things to the toddler/preschool clothes in hopes that I can keep things as colorful and fun as you do for your son.