woensdag 17 februari 2010

Tutorial: how to sew a beret.

This is a tutorial intended to let you know how to make a fancy beret you can wear yourself.
This is an easy project, I think. I hope it inspires you to make a nice beret yourself.
Note: All the measurements are in centimeters.

What you need is fabric, a piece of paper, compasses and a sewingmachine with thread.

The fabric:

0,35 m of fabric for the outside
0,35 m fabric for the lining (optional).
A piece of 8 by 60 cm. knit fabric for the brim.

I used a fleece for the outside, a knit for the lining and ribknit for the brim. All more or less strechy fabrics, which make sewing easy. I used a small zigzag stitch to keep the stretch.
You could use wovens, but not for the brim. This tutorial only works for brims made of knit fabric.

Step 1. Draw the pattern. You need compasses to do this.

A. The lid. Draw a circle with a radiance of 15 cm.

B. The border. You need to draw 2 circles inside each other.

For the outer circle, draw a radiance of 15 cm. Then draw an inner circle of 9 cm. This leaves you with a border of 6 cm. Cut and use the piece of 6 cm. and fold it in half.

Note: if you have a big head, cut the fabric with 1 cm. seam allowances.
If you want to make the baret for a small child (2-3 years) use a radiance of 13 cm.
For older children, use a radiance of 14-15 cm. The border should always stay 6 cm.

Step 2: Cut the outer shell.

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut the lid.

Cut the border. Place the pattern on a fold of the fabric and cut it out.

Step 3: Sew the beret.
Pin the lid and border right sides together.

Sew the pieces together.

Step 4: Make the brim .
Cut out a rectangle of 60 x 8 cm. This leaves you with a brim of 3 cm.
If you want a bigger brim, cut out a rectangle of 60 x 10 cm. This leaves you with a brim of 4 cm.

Fold it double and sew it with a larger zigzag stitch.

Make it fit: wrap it around your head and determine the actual width.

Each knit fabric has a different stretch, so just check in the mirror. It should fit like you want the real brim to fit. I like mine to cover my ears, so that’s how I measured mine.
The brim should fit snuggly around your head. Don’t leave any room.
Cut the brim with 2 cm. seam and sew together.

If you want a real nice seam, unpick a little piece and sew the edges together, like this.

Step 5: Attach the brim to the beret.
Mark the beret with 4 pins, on 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

Do the same with the brim.
Pin the pieces together, right sides together. Make the marking pins meet each other.

Sew the pieces together, while you stretch the fabric of the brim. Remove the pins and you’re
Put on you beret and laugh in the mirror
(clean the mirror before you take a photo, otherwise you're nose might look strange)

If you want the beret to be a bit warmer, or more finished add a lining.

Step 6: Add a lining.
Repeat step 2 and 3 for the lining.
Mark the lining.

Mark the brim

Pin together.
Pin the right side of the lining to the the brim. Watch the photo carefully, look at the seams, because you can get confused here with wrong and right sides.

Sew the lining onto the brim but leave a gap of 6 cm.
It should look like this.

Turn the beret inside out, through the gap.
Close the gap by hand.


Note: There is probably a better way to sew the brim to the border, doing it all in one turn (sewing border, outer shell and lining together in one run). Ask me again in 3 years time, when I'm more skilled, to explain. For now, I'm pleased with my own way of doing it.

Since this is my first tutorial, please feel free to comment on any flaws or unclear descriptions. I really would appreciate it very much.

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  1. I LOVE it!! Great tutorial! I am going to try this sometime! I really like your blog. :-)

  2. Great tutorial. I like the clock to describe the points for pinning the rib to the main part... That is hard to explain.
    Your comment about the dirt on the mirror made me laugh!

  3. Nice job Ria!... Very clear instructions and photos. Of course, your photos on the mirror are my favorite. And the dirt on the mirror ALWAYS happens to me too ;)

  4. Thank you! I love this blog of yours!

  5. Just made one for my daughter's "cool jobs" day at school. Super easy and fast! Thanks a bunch! 14cm worked great for my seven year old.

  6. Genial! excelente explicación! Saludos desde Argentina!

  7. Just in the middle of making my first one and will be writing about the result on my blog. Thanks so much for this tutorial, it's going well so far!