vrijdag 3 september 2010


There are all these small changes. Waving to Dad, when he sees him coming home. Answering questions like “What did you do at school today?” Saying things like “I’m sad because you go on a holiday, gran”. Talking to her on the phone, and not just telling her what he wants to tell, but reacting to the things she says. Like:
- "I can hear your clock, gran, why?”
- “It because you have such good ears, sweety”
- “But what if the lion eats my ears?”
It’s things like starting to smile while anwsering a question about our holiday:
“Did you sleep in the tent, Pelle?”
“Noooo, I slept in eh, eh …… a closet!”.
It’s things like holding my hand for a long, long time yesterday, when we walked in the woods.
It was this look in his eyes when I made a joke, the other week. That look that said: “mum, I understand you and it’s funny”.
My boy is connecting. And it feels SO GOOD.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. How wonderful...it sounds like you two are doing really well. You are where you wanted to be....

  2. Yay Ria!...I'm also noticing tiny glimpses of new somethings that some times make me wonder... Was this going to happen any way? is it the food? is it the therapy?... Is this really really new?... And I think it is. I think it was not going to happen... I think the food helps, but it's really the loving attitude that is making the huge difference for him to look at my eyes more often when he asks for something, share his excitement and initiate silly little moments of connectedness. It's hard to pinpoint and "track progress"... It just FEELS like we're going on the right direction. I feel more with him, and every day see little ways how he shows me he is happy and loving all of this, and loving being with us... And he wants more.

    Sorry!... this was all to say that I'm SO HAPPY for you... That you're seeing all this amazing things happening now and feeling great is such a gift.

  3. It's wonderful to hear. I'm so glad you are taking your time to do this for him.

  4. How wonderful - I'm so happy for you! I'm sure you want to capture every one of these moments and hold them in your heart forever. I hope there are many, many more to come.