vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

The Earl of Spencer

Here’s a spencer (slip-over) I sewed for Pelle a while ago, but never posted about. It’s made from an second-hand womans garment (a tank-top, or something like that), which I bought 2 years ago (I think), at a fair.

I loved the colour and the soft velour. The pattern (# 18 from Ottobre4-2009) barely fitted, but I was able to keep the bottom seam.
I added 2 pockets for a little zest and lined the arm-holes and V-neck with the same fabric. You can’t see it, fortunately, but the lining wrinkles a bit on the inside, and that bothers me. But since no-one else will notice, I let Pelle wear it. Strange, isn’t it, how such details keep you from being entirely pleased with the garment and wanting him to wear it all the time.
The plaid and the colour also work very well with the green pants I sewed.

The photos with the hat were taken while we played in his bedroom this afternoon. More about that soon, because I love to tell you how well he’s doing, right now, and how I enjoy being with him, there.

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  1. This is lovely...very wearable. The small faults annoy me too...but no-one else notices them...remember that! And you should never point them out to people!