vrijdag 10 september 2010

And it feels like the summer is over

The summer is almost over. We had some sunny days, but the air feels different. So fall is approaching.

I already started to sew a sweater for Pelle, but before I show you that one I want to close the season by showing you a blouse I made. It's a pattern from Farbenmix and I liked it very well. Because you use a full lining for the upper part, the blouse is easy to sew. I did the stripes (a cotton / linen mix) do the work, and did not add any appliqu├ęs or other embellishments. That's very uncharacteristic of the Farbenmix clothes people sew, but I like it that way.

I did not finish the hem and sleeves, yet. Will do that this spring, when Pelle gets to wear it and I can adjust the size to his length.

I leave you with some pictures I made Tuesday, when we were in the woods. I so love this change in the atmosphere. Still much sun, but the light is so much softer, and the world is losing it's sharpness.

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