woensdag 31 maart 2010

My bag has arrived!

I had an e-mail from Ruth the other day. My bag has arrived!
I made her something "so nice, you would like to keep it yourself", as part of the Spring Suprise Swap.

I am pleased with the result, but initally, I liked to make a zippered pouch into the lining. Even with the aid of my sewing teacher, I had no luck and after spending two lessons in vain, I quit that option. So now there's just a simple pocket on the inside, although lined with a piece of blue silk.

To complete the outfit, I also made a keychain and a tissueholder. For the keychain, I used the fabric of the straps and some felt. The tulip matches the tulips on the bag. The bird on the tissueholder is an applique.

Since I had never made these items before, I had to experiment a bit with sizes and construction. I came up with my bankcard as an ideal size for the keychain.

For the holder, I used an example given by me a long time ago by Mirre from KissKus.

I added two fat quarters of fabric,

wrapped it all up, wrote a cart,
and off it went.
I'm told the bag is now a home for a new crochet project of Ruth. (She teaches at her collegues, too.) What a great match from the both of us.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. All of it is so pretty..lucky Ruth.

  2. I totally agree!! Very lucky me :) Ria's work is so cheerful and very precisely sewn. I love the color combinations.

    Thanks again, Ria ... from Ruth

  3. Ladies, thanks for the comments. And Ruth, it was a real pleasure to sew for you. Who would have thought when we were younger that we would be able to connect so easily? (I wrote my thesis on a typewriter!). I think that doing projects like this (sending our crafts out into the world) is such a good way to make the world smaller and more human.

  4. Wat een mooie verassingen heb je voor Ruth gemaakt. Die tas is echt geweldig! Fijne Paasdagen Ria!