donderdag 18 maart 2010


This week I received my Spring Surprise. I swapped with Ruth, who lives all the way in South Carolina. And look what I got! 2 fat quarters of fabric and a hat she crocheted herself.

Can you see the butterflies?
I really like it. The fit is perfect and it gives me a real summery feeling.
My parcel is on it’s way to the States, I hope she will receive it soon.
It certainly was nice to do the swap, because I did something different than just sewing clothes from a pattern. (But it has to remain a secret for now.)

I also won a giveaway at VanMarieke, so the postwoman gave me this deco-tape.

Lovely to use, and experiment with. I found out that my wrapping skills can do with some more practice, so it’s a perfect gift. Dank je wel, Marieke!

Today was a wonderful warm day. Finally spring is arriving here. I yearn to sew some pants for my boy. A few weeks ago, a woman I’ve know from the Speel-o-theek
gave me many fabrics and I love to use them.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oooo, je kadootjes zijn erg leuk! Zo'n gehaakt mutsje heb ik op mijn lijstje staan van wat ik nog wil leren! Ruth did a great job!

  2. Hi Ria, I'm glad you like the crocheted butterfly hat. I can't wait to get your package ... you sew such great things!
    Take care, Ruth

  3. How lovely...aren't surprise packages so exciting! The hat is beautiful, and the fabric is so pretty. I have seen the tape online...I would want to keep it and never use it though!