woensdag 24 maart 2010

007 ready for action

007 ready for action
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Here's a copy of a post I made for Flickr.
I made this first spring pant for Pelle this year, using pattern nr. 26, 'the Sean C. pants', from the Ottobre magazine nr. 4, from 2009.
It was a bit of a gamble. I loved the old-fashioned look of this pattern, but it is not something the boys in his class will wear. He's not influenced by that, but I am - a bit.
Now I'm so glad I followed through. I love this look on him. In stead of using elastic I made him some cuffs around the ankles.
The fabric was donated to me, and is a kind of softish denim. Perfect for this spring weather: not to warm, not to cold.

I'm going to make another one for him, the green fabric is being washed right now.

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  1. They are really nice - maybe Pelle will be the fashion inspiration for his class (: