maandag 27 februari 2012

Green sweatpants.

I finally finished a green sweat pant which was laying around for a couple of weeks now. The reason it took so long is because I doubted the outcome very much. Although the green sweat knit and the striped T-shirt knit go well together, I thought the overall picture would be to pale, even though I made an appliqué. Now that it’s finished I think it’s not that bad, but it still wouldn’t be one of my favorites.
The pattern I used before. It's from the Ottobre-issue 03/08, # 11.

The apllique at the back is made out of yellow and orange cotton. I used an image from the internet and changed it slightly. I made it on my regular sewing machine, using a strait stitch and going over the image a couple of times to give it a sketchy feel.

Detail of the back and side seam. In real life, the seam is not as wobbly as it looks here. The other sideseam is even straighter. I used a honeycomb stitch for the pockets.

I used two elastic waistbands of 1,5 cm. each and stitched in-between. The drawstring is just an unfinished piece of the T-shirt knit I used for the accents.

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  1. These look really great - colorful and comfy. I bet Pelle will wear these often. Now I have to go back to that issue and see if this pattern runs small enough for my son. Tallon loves sweatpants and since it doesn't get as warm here as it did where we used to live, I think he might appreciate some summertime sweatpants.