zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Green sweater.

I buy my fabric everywhere. Online, at the gigantic in-door market, in the shop (unfortunately the quality shop in our neighboring village closed recently) and sometimes at our local market in Groningen. When I lived in the middle of Holland, I often went to Utrecht on Saturday mornings. There’s a great fabric market there which attracts people all over the country and even Belgium. So when Mark, Pelle and I went to Utrecht in the Christmas holidays father and son climbed the famous Dom tower and I strolled through the streets on the lookout for some knits. Not for T-shirts, but for sweaters since it was cold and then I always have the urge to wrap my boy in warm softness. (Which frankly is a bit overenthusiastic, because this boy of mine is hardly ever cold).
To my disappointment here was not that much choice. I bought an orange-red knit that resembles actual hand knit stuff

and an lighter weight dark green one of which I bough 1 meter.
Two weeks ago I sewed a simple sweater out of it.

It's based on an Ottobre sweater pattern. I added a turtleneck.

Patternpiece of the turtleneck. Borrowed from here and adjusted to the with of the neckline.

To be sure it would fit I followed the neckline of a hoodie.
In hind side, that would not have been necessary, because it goes easily over Pelle’s head. I added an iron-on appliquĂ© (ready made) and although I used a backing sheet to protect it, you can see a faint mark of my iron on the fabric. Oh well, that’s only for the careful observer.
The sweater suits him very well. He looks so mature in it.

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