vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Black jeans.

Black jeans. by oddwise
Black jeans., a photo by oddwise on Flickr

Via Flickr:
I love the versatility of the Ottobre patterns. The fit of this model is very well for my boy. (I added an elastic band in part of the waistband after taking the picture, to make it fit even better). I used this pattern several times now and each time modified it in a different way.
This time I cut the front leg into 2 pieces thus creating a triangular knee part. I double stiched the seams with an turquoise thread but forgot one sideseam. Oh well, I don't bother.

Back. by oddwise
Back., a photo by oddwise on Flickr

Via Flickr:
I cut the back legs in two triangular pieces and used the reverse of the fabric to accentuate the hip part (also modified that piece to make it more triangular).
I made the legs extra long, so I could fold them back, showing the reverse of the fabric again.





I love the way the jeans turned out. As I was sure it would fit, it was worth going to all the trouble of cutting up the knees etc. But it was a lot of work, and now I'm up for something quick and easy.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, you got such a nice effect using the wrong side of the fabric. They look great.

  2. Wow Ria. Very impressive to tackle jeans. They look amazing (store bought quality) but you got to add all those personal details. Lovely!