donderdag 1 maart 2012

Making ends meet.

I am a careful sewer. Most of all, I want the things I make look good. If that means it takes some extra time, I don’t mind. I iron pockets, before sewing them on, I baste before doing something tricky (like a fly). With stripy fabrics, I try to make the seams meet. I also cut carefully, at the beginning of a whole new project. Like yesterday, when I took some time to place the patterns of a T-shirt on the crocodile fabric I showed before. I wanted the crocks on front and back to line up. When I started pinning the T together I saw something totally unexpected. Both side seams match exactly!! How crazy is that??


Other seam.

I often have hidden pleasures as I see Pelle in the clothes I make for him. A detail that turned out really nice, an appliqué that still makes me smile, something technical that looks good. The crock-T will be extra special to me just because of those seams.

(I hope to finish the T this weekend. Will post a picture when it's ready.)

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