dinsdag 24 augustus 2010


We had a wonderful holiday, full of bike rides, camping, sun, rain, and joy. When I looked through the kitchen window from the camping in Aalborg, where we started our trip, I realized it was a dream come true. Free as birds, exploring the world on our beloved bicycles, and sharing this with our little man. I think this is the start of a holiday tradition that will only stop if we’re not physically able to do it anymore (and I still feel so strong an healthy. I really think I have even more endurance as 20 years ago. What a bliss!).
The picture is taking on a campground in Attrup, where we had a tasty zucchini-rise dish I made from veggies we bought at a stall along the road. It felt so great to be self-sufficient. Having everything you need with you and it's enough, more than enough to have a wonderful time. Who needs to be rich?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm so glad it all went well...better than well in fact! We find camping gives you a freedom that children absolutely love. That makes our holiday enjoyable, because they enjoy it. I can only imagine that doing the travelling by bicycle must be even more enjoyable... You two look like you're having a wonderful time.

  2. It sounds wonderful to be able to do this. I wish the land here were flatter so I could cycle more often - when we lived in Europe I contemplated the idea of buying myself an Oma fiets but decided that I already had a bicycle so I didn't need another. But I still want one. Maybe when the children are a bit older and all riding bicycles our family will do this, too. I'm glad you were able to have this lovely time with yours.

  3. Dus daar is de kast waar jullie in sliepen ;-)
    Lekker ruim en hoog gelukkig. En inderdaad het geluk zit in kleine dingen.