maandag 28 december 2009

A great book

I’m not one for great literature. I’m the one for great tales. I love reading books where the story captures you in every way. When, even if you put down the book, you’re still wrapped around in it’s atmosphere. Where you’re going to love the characters and want them to be your friends.
Now here’s the book I loved reading, because it has it all. An epic tale and great characters. With lots of threads woven into.
It’s about a twin boy growing up in Ethiopia, becoming a doctor, going to the States, finding part of his roots, and going back home again.
Put it like this, it sounds so simple, but that’s why I am not a writer. Because I can’t play with words that much (especially not in a foreign language) and make the story come alive. I can only express my love for a book that has the same feeling to it as The Kite Runner. If you loved that book, you sure should read this one.

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