zaterdag 19 december 2009

Being green

Being green
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This is the front of a pant I made recently. Rather green, hey? I love it.
As a wider wale corduroy in bright colours is very hard to get by here in Holland, I'm so glad I found this fabric some time ago.
I used pattern nr. 27 of the 4/07 issue of Ottobre, changing it a bit (kept some of the curves of nr. 29, and made them run through the back) and ... added some suttle hedgehogs. I just stiched them with my faithfull Pfaff.

Green pant, back
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Here's the back. The hedgehogs keep on walking along the right leg. And there's one on the pocket too.
The fit is great. It's a slender one, and I was afraid, with the elastic waistband I put into it that he wasn't able to go over Pelle's bum, but that's no problem.
Have to make them a little shorter, but wanted to wash them first.

in a row
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Here's a close-up.
I'm quite pleased with the way these turned out. Subtle, but present.

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