donderdag 31 december 2009

About PJ's and leggings

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With the weather being so wintery I felt the urge to wrap Pelle in softness.
So I started sewing Pelle 2 PJ's and 2 leggings. The leggings are meant to wear under his skipant.
And the PJ's proved a great way to test an Ottobre pattern (because the shirtpattern also comes with a hoodie, which I'd like to make, too). I'm so pleased with the way the PJ's turned out, the prints combined with the solids. And I was able to test another way to make a V-neck binding. Not very suited for a PJ, I think (because it's a bit colder around the neck) but I will use this technique again for T-shirts and sweaters. As for the binding on the other shirt, I think I finally mastered it! Steching out the fabric along the neck and sewing it on using a twin needle.

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