donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Daar heb je Flipper

It’s hard for me to do something quick. Not in general (I can make rapid decisions and never doubt very much) but I discovered something new about myself: when it comes down to sewing, the perfectionist in me is arising. I’m watching her with amazement, because the last thing I would say about myself is that I’m a perfectionist. No, I’m the mellow type of person who doesn’t fret or fuss. Who goes trough life smoothly and easy-going. Not when it comes down to sewing though. It has to be neat and good-looking. With a good finish and a professional outlook. The downside of this is that I am not quick while I like to do so much. All my fabrics say: “choose me!” but I can’t grand their wishes.
Yesterday evening though I stepped out the box and did something quick: an appliqué on a ready-bought T for Pelle. I cut out some fabric, draw the dolphin from one of the Ottobre magazines on it, ironed it on, sewed the contour and voilà: a pimped up top to match a short I made him. Finally some instant gratification. And I like it.

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  1. Very cute project! Yes, I'm like that too --- if I'm sewing it, it needs to be *right* -- that's why I ripped out the hemband on the reversible skirt so many times & ended up disappointed because I *couldn't* get it perfect! As for all the fabrics saying "choose me!" -- you need to see my stash sometimes --- you need earplugs to walk through them ;-)