donderdag 6 augustus 2009

Trains and planes and automobiles


Some weeks ago, I bought a cheap T-shirt with a plane. It was only € 1,= and although I knew it was to small for Pelle, I thought I could make something nice out of it.
And so I did. I kept the image and sewed a new shirt around it. Since I was using a new pattern I struggled with the binding. The one I made from an old T from Mark wasn’t stretchy enough. I tried again but it just didn’t look right. Yesterday I found a store 9by coincidence) where they sold the special knit needed for those necklines (boordstof, in Dutch). I was so pleased! What a joy those finds can be, huh? It makes me feel so fine!
So I took a third shot and now the T’s done and approved of by it’s owner.
Sometimes I would love to be quick in my sewing, but sometimes I just want to go for the best result. Looking at it an enjoying the way things turned out.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Gorgeous t-shirt, well worth the time and effort :-)

  2. Heel mooi! Mijn zoontje van 2,5j. zou deze ook héél leuk vinden.