dinsdag 1 september 2009

Goodbye to all that

After one day at school Pelle is fully potty trained. After all the efforts I put into it this summer I can hardly belief it. This is the child who did not want to use the toilet at all. But I guess he wants to please his teacher (he kissed her in the schoolyard, this afternoon. Yes, he can be so charming).
So it was time for me, to finally clean up the commode. A thing I had hoped to do a long time ago. And then sentiments took over. Because now there’s nothing anymore that relates him to his time as a baby. And I so loved to change him when he was little, because he always looked at me, and I so loved this special way to have eye contact with him. No that’s gone. Along with the diapers I threw away all those baby like clues. And felt a bit sad.

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