zondag 16 augustus 2009

My own handmade home

Ever since I’ve been following blogs, I’ve been reading the one of Soule Mama . She’s kind of the mother of all blogs, I think. I don’t visit her daily, anymore. But I bought her book about a creative family life and now she’s publishing a new one, Handmade Home.
I love the way her creative juices flow. I think I’m much more restrained to sewing, not to shaping my life. I would love to be a bit more playful and joyful. Maybe that will grow in me, as I learn to let more restrains go. In the meantime, I though it would be nice to show some of my own creative home items. That is to say, handmade items in the rooms of my house.
So here’s the start of a new series.
I just start with the ground floor, namely the utility room. Three bags in wich I keep my plastic shopping bags. The one in the middle I bought on a fair, 2 summers ago. The other ones I made myself.

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